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Bella Salon Holiday Newsletter

From our salon family to yours, Happy Holidays! Holiday time is here, and it seems like this year has flown by faster than ever. We want to take some time to connect with you, our valued patrons, and provide salon updates as we begin the festive season. It's a lengthy one, but there is much to tell you about. First, we would like to remind everyone that tomorrow, 11/22 is the last day to enter our Thanksgiving raffle! Purchase any retail product or gift card and you can spin our wheel for a chance to win one of 5 different prizes. We will announce the lucky winners via our Facebook and Instagram over the holiday break.

Additionally we would like to express our thanks to all of you for being the most important part of our small business. Over the past 6 months we have received 728 5 star reviews! 😍 We value your feedback more than anything. Everyone has been so generous in letting your stylists and nail technicians how much you enjoy sitting in their chairs. For those who take the extra step to post them on Google, we cannot thank you enough for how you have helped our business grow with a simple gesture of appreciation. These have been hard times for many families. We all feel the massive impact of inflation at home. It does not go unappreciated that you choose us when you think about where to spend on a small business. For every dollar that you spend with us, a portion goes back into improving your experience. For example, when you receive a service, the manufacturer we purchase products directly from gives us points that are redeemed for things like in-salon and out of salon education. The Wella Company is the #1 hair color company in the world. Their education program is the best of the best and because of you, we are able to earn the maximum amount of education the company gives to individual accounts. Your dollars go not only to your operator's salary, they go back into our business, which benefits you directly.

Wella Logo

There are other things that benefit the salon when you use our services or purchase our professionally prescribed products to keep your hair healthy. We can purchase salon furniture, send stylists for masterclasses beyond what we receive complimentary, and take part in business education. We are an education centered culture and we plan to keep that promise to our stylists and our patrons. So far this year Bella Salon has had 5 in-salon seminars, 6 customized one-on-one seminars with Wella Signature Artists and we have 3 more planned in the coming months. Our upcoming classes are:

  • Dec 4th 2023 - Fall/Winter 2023 Trends, the "Color Blocking" technique

  • Feb 12th 2024 - The Client Experience Part 1

  • Mar 25th 2024 - The Client Experience Part 2

We are most excited for the classes focused on your experience in our salon. Over the past year, the focus of all of our staff meetings has been about improving the way our clients experience their visit. If you haven't noticed the head massages and hot towels, please make sure you ask your shampoo person to take their time with you! We have gotten so many compliments, especially when some of our girls cure headaches. 💆 You may have also noticed longer and more thorough consultations. Our focus on communication will continue to be the most important. If you are not receiving a thorough consultation, feel like your stylist isn't asking you if you want something new, or feel like they haven't taken the time to ask your needs so you feel understood. We take this seriously. We have an anonymous survey on our website where you can answer a few short questions and let us know how you feel. We love it, good or bad. Tell us what to stop doing, and what to keep on keeping on. Leave Feedback Here You can visit our website to read more about our vision and mission and how your business helps us achieve our goals, personally and professionally.

Have you seen us serving up some deliciousness while you visit? If you haven't tried or heard of Rook Coffee, don't miss out on our freshly ground Sumatra blend coffee in

Rook Coffee
We now serve Rook whole bean fresh grind to cup Sumatra blend, as well as New Orleans Cold Brew

our grind-to-cup coffee, espresso, and cappuccino machine. ☕And for those of you who don't like it hot, and don't want to travel all the way to another town just to get your cold brew, we have the iconic New Orleans Style cold brew as well! Just ask your operator, shampoo tech, or our lovely receptionist, Stephanie, for a cup. It's on-the-house.

New Product Alert! We love our pets, and we know you love yours. So we are carrying some adorable gifts for your pets just in time for the gift-giving season. Featuring the brands Fox + Hound and Haute Diggity Dog. Pick up these adorable gifts for your dog and throw a puppy "pawty". You wont find Fox + Hound on Amazon and Hot Diggity Dog toys are available without paying shipping, at the same price you can find it online. So shop small this season. Treat your loved one to a "Pupkin Spice Latte", or maybe a bottle of "Dog Perignonn" served up with a fun "squeak" when they play with it. Don't want to buy a gift? That's ok! We still want to talk about your dog, so bring in a picture of your beloved and we will hang it on our brand new puppy photo collage. (An idea given to us by one of our loyal clients). Stop by and check it out. Display that cute face so everyone can see it when they walk in the door.🐾 Don't worry cat-lovers, we have something cute coming for you too.

Charity As you know, we like to donate our time and finances when we can. This spring we donated to Alzheimer's Foundation of America and our chosen winter charity organization is Saint Jude Children's Research Hospital. More details to follow. Donate now to St. Jude and help kids fighting cancer - St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital ( If you miss an event or opportunity to donate in our salon, don't worry! There is a special place created on our website where you can see who we support and make contributions digitally. Just visit the site and click on "Charities" at the top. Treat Rewards Program - Treat Boxes are HERE! Some of you have taken advantage of redeeming your reward points for services and some have been saving up points for something bigger. Starting 12/1/23, we will offer a selection of larger size treats for those who have over 1000 and 1500 treat reward points

Treat Reward Boxes under our Christmas tree
Treat Boxes are HERE!

while supplies last. On your next visit, make sure you check in on how many points you have with our receptionist. We do our best to alert everyone when they qualify for a reward. Remember, you get 1 point per dollar on services, 2 points per dollar on retail purchases, and 100 points for every referral you send to the salon. Make sure if you are referring someone to our salon that they tell us your name, so you receive your points.

NEW! Website Updates Our website is an amazing resource for information about our business. We have come a long way from not having one at all. In fact, you will probably find more current happenings on our website than you will on Social Media (we hear you, you're tired of it). Here is what's new:

  • Purchase your professional products using our promo code WELLABELLA and receive 10% off, 2 day delivery at your doorstep and free shipping on orders over $50. If you are an Amazon shopper, this is even better. You are helping a small business, and we have more selection of The Wella Company products. You can purchase them while you're in your stylist's chair or at your own convenience. Let your stylist prescribe, and you can shop whenever you want at a discount. Shop local this season, just click on the tab at the top called "New! Product Purchase"

  • Know someone looking for a career in the beauty biz? Check out our new "Careers" section. You can drop a resume and apply online at the click of a button.

  • As explained previously, check out our "Charities" section to learn about who we support.

  • We updated our service menu online and posted everywhere in the salon. We are working on updating our online booking platform with new menu items and pricing. Our new layout is easier to understand and features a new "mini menu" for those who don't want to forgo the salon altogether while they are on a budget.

    • Our pricing is in 3 categories, as always. We changed the names to "Junior", "Stylist", and "Artistic".

    • Some prices reflect a slight increase effective 12/1/2023.

Stay Tuned Our apprentices Hailey and Jessica are moving on up to assisting your favorite operators on the salon floor with certain services. Help us cheer them on as they take their journey toward earning a spot as a Junior Stylist through the next year.🎉 Hailey will begin offering nail services in December. Her service menu is coming soon and we will introduce a new service: Apres Gel-X nails! We don't know of anyone in Ocean County offering this, so stay tuned and be one of the first. We will send out a separate communication when we are ready to launch. More to come in the future like....... RENOVATIONS! Thank you again for your loyal patronage. Your support allows us to thrive. Happy Holidays and thank you for taking the time to read our Holiday Newsletter. With love and healthy wishes, The Bella Salon Family


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